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Osteria in San Vigilio - Dolomites

The fruits of Covid-19

At the Al Plan Coronavirus has helped to ripen the fruits of culinary pleasure... The global situation with regard Covid-19 has caused us to think again and to change our thinking. We are grateful for this!

We have returned to our core truths and to our roots: Our ancestors were poor farmers in Val Badia - poor in money but rich in the fruit of the earth and in recipes. During the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we have rooted through the hand-written recipe books of our ancestors that were passed down from generation to generation, and that are considered the bible of culinary pleasure. We have recognised how delicious their meals were, and how few ingredients they needed - most of them grown in their own fields and garden.

We now want to build on this authentic and humble, yet delicious cuisine packed with nutrition and vitamins. In future we will offer our guests less meat, but our meat will be of the highest quality. We will serve meat from local farms with quality certificates no more than three times a week. This way, we support natural animal husbandry; animals raised with as few antibiotics as possible - but with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, the best grass in the fields in the summer and the tastiest hay from the Alpine pastures in the winter.

Products with a local origin and history, contact with our farmers and the cycle of nature have become even more important for us. In the future we will increasingly enjoy regional quality produce, support local producers and prefer short distances. We say a big No to all (copied) imports from China, the country whose wild animal markets, unhygienic conditions and disrespectful husbandry of animals has given us this pandemic with all its consequences.

Our philosophy: More regional, more seasonal, more authentic local dishes, more sustainability. And also, fewer exotic ingredients, fewer products from all over the world, less meat from intensive livestock farming, less waste.
All that for our health, for delicious pure culinary pleasure, for the environment and for all our wellbeing.

And so, we close the circle that started with Maurizio’s grandfather Hubert, son of the village baker. He always used to say: “Never throw out a piece of bread - there are so many people who are starving!”

Our Al Plan is a hotel and museum in one! In the future, our cuisine will follow the same motto.

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