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Museum in San Vigilio - Dolomites

Le Museum Al Plan: Museum in South Tyrol

Over 25 years ago Theodora and Maurizio began their search for valuable objects at flea-markets, in bric-a-brac and antique shops. The result is a unique museum in San Vigilio - Dolomites that is also listed in the Museums in South Tyrol. Even presenter Mauro Corradino of the TV series Trödeltrupp (bric-a-brac gang) has been to the Al Plan and bought a Vespa!

The museum in San Vigilio – Dolomites exhibits all kinds of clocks. And yet, time stands still in the hotel, because only 1 of the clocks is ticking. Once a year Mr Botto, a long-standing guest at the hotel, sets all the clocks. They tick, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. And then they stop still again; according to the philosophy of the hotel: on holiday, time should stand still for our guests.

With us you are never alone at the table! A family of 6 life-size wooden statues keeps you company... and when the hotel is closed, it keeps us company too. At times Maurizio puts the dolls in the car and takes them on tour. So he’s not out and about on his own...

Theodora once decorated her café in the centre of the village with the over 80 coffee grinders. Now, not only she but also her grinders have found their new home at the hotel. The collection includes true gems, such as a wall-mounted coffee grinder.

There are 46 wooden masks: laughing masks, sad masks and terrifying devil’s masks from San Vigilio, Val Gardena and Tolmezzo. Historic traditional hats, ancient mountain boots, antique skis and ice skates. There are pipes, bottle stoppers, cradle knives, china and other antique household items. They have all found their place in the Al Plan museum in San Vigilio - Dolomites.

Classic cars and motorbikes